Welcome to the Dailies on the Jaime Jay Show

Welcome to the Jaime Jay Show. You can learn more or subscribe to the show by visiting https://Jaime-Jay.com/the-dailies.

Just like in the movie biz, directors and actors review raw footage shot that day to check on their work, I will be recording a daily show with the latest news, updates, tips & strategies about business, leadership, technology, entrepreneurship and much more in a raw and unedited fashion for you to consume.

Kick your day off with the nuggets that you can share around the water cooler and will make you the smartest person in the room. I would recommend checking up on what you learn here, because, well, after all it is just a flash briefing. That being said, your colleagues will still wonder how you know so much. It’ll be a good feeling… trust me.

Welcome to 'The Dailies' on the Jaime Jay Show

You can learn more by visiting my website, Jaime-jay.com and you can subscribe to the show on itunes. Simply visit Jaime-jay.com/itunes. If you were already in the game or recently joined the Amazon ‘Alexa’ ranks by purchasing an Amazon Echo device,

you can subscribe to our ‘Flash Briefing’ by going to Jaime-jay.com/flash-briefing.

In my next episode of ‘The Dailies’ on the Jaime Jay Show, I’ll be sharing what a flash briefing is, how to find them and how to organize the content to fit your interests.

In the meantime, enjoy this ultra-fresh content and make today amazing by doing something special for someone else.