How to Leverage Your Content Using Alexa Flash Briefings

Jaime Jay News: In true Amazon fashion, they were a bit vague about the actual numbers, but they did say that in just the month of December 2017, they sold 10’s of millions of the Amazon Echo devices.

If you haven’t heard about flash briefings, it’s actually pretty cool and you soon will. As of the time of this recording, there are just over 4,000 flash briefings you can subscribe to on Amazon and this number will grow quickly.

How to Get Your Own Flash Briefing and Leverage Your Time Using

I got to interview both Jeff Smith, aka ‘The Alexa Guy’, and Hani Mourra, the creator of Jeff shares how to get your own Alexa Flash Briefing up on Amazon. All you need is an Amazon Echo device and the desire to create your own content. Hani shares strategies about the power of repurposing content by recording once and sharing it to multiple locations.

Together, this powerful duo offers a tremendous solution for those of you looking to create a platform, or a voice that separates you from your competition. Enjoy this video on Jaime Jay TV today.

To check your daily flash briefings, you first have to subscribe to them. You can arrange your flash briefings by downloading the Amazon Alexa app, click on the hamburger icon (the horizontal lines) in the upper left, click on ‘Settings’, then choose ‘Flash Briefings’. You can simply rearrange the flash briefings you’ve subscribed to in the order of your preference.

How to Get Your Alexa Flash Briefing on Amazon and Repurpose it to YouTube and FB LiveYou will want to kick your flash briefings off with ‘The Jaime Jay Show’ so you can listen to ‘The Dailies’. I’ve prepared step-by-step instructions by visiting my flash briefing tutorial.

While you have your choice of consuming The Dailies via audio or video, we hope to soon be offering The Dailies video on the Echo Show. We will keep you updated.