Amazon Opens the First Cashierless ‘Go’ Store

Amazon’s Go Store opened up on January 22, 2018. There were many tech-related delays, but this first store is open for business in Seattle. It’s a convenience store that doesn’t have any cashiers or checkout counters. The tech uses algorithms and computer vision to track purchases and charge shoppers.

On this episode, I asked my girlfriend, Sara Parrish, to join me as she has a strong about ‘AI’. We understand each other’s perspective and I think it’s a powerful insight into the ever-growing anomaly that is artificial intelligence.

Cashierless Amazon Go StoreAmazon executives reported to the Wall Street Journal that it could take years to implement in bigger spaces, but given the company’s efforts around brick-and-mortar retail, the executives say it very well may happen – if you remember the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon may have something incredible up their sleeve. As the great Christopher Lochhead, host of the amazing podcast Legends and Losers and author of the best selling book, Play Bigger, told me, “I really like the Amazon/Whole Food deal, I bet they (meaning Amazon/Whole Foods) don’t even know what is going to happen in a couple years, but I bet they are going to make something beautiful for us”.

Photo courtesy of Sara and Jaime’s home studio. Seriously, we aren’t in Seattle 🙂